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The PathCloud Service

PathCloud is an internet based technology framework that connects and collaborates Practitioners and Patients to Pathology services around the globe. The platform manages and provides visibility throughout the process from the registration of a patient and extraction of a sample to the delivery of results. This collaborative structure is achieved by integrating Practitioners, Transporters, Pathology Labs and Health Insurers. Different standards and disparate systems exist across the pathology industry with labs having different approaches to testing with a variation in provision, methods, turnaround times and communication of results. We intend to standardise the approach and leverage associated value. There are skills around the globe that operate at the same levels of qualification within different cost and utilisation structures. The nature of our service is to allow parties with as good, and better capability, better availability at lower cost to collaborate and deliver Pathology services from wherever they are, and with no logistical impact using the PathCloud's integrated framework.

PathCloud Ltd
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  • Partnering with Clinical experts across the industry who are at the forefront of their specialist areas.
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